Sport betting sites that accept PayPal

Though sports betting has long been a popular pastime worldwide, fans of wagering on live action historically often found it difficult to follow the full range of their sporting passions. Lack of television coverage, local laws, and limited information all combined to make sports betting a somewhat parochial affair in many places, and downright impossible in others.

The Best Online Sport Betting Sites That Accept PayPal


The arrival of near ubiquitous broadband and a slew of heavyweight online betting firms with truly global reach has changed that situation radically for the better. The betting industry has morphed into one of the world’s most technologically sophisticated and supports multiple companies with multi-billion dollar valuations. Punters, meanwhile, have also grown increasingly sophisticated and can follow a virtually unlimited amount of sports events in real time across all their devices, and stake money on the results whenever the fancy takes them.

To cut a long story short, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of sports betting and the options available would have been unthinkable even ten short years ago. In this piece, we’ll concentrate on one of the core pieces of technology that makes life simpler for gamblers – the online payment service PayPal. It’s a key part of many players’ setups and has helped make managing your money online in a gambling context incredibly hassle-free. Keep reading and we’ll take you through everything you need to know about sport betting sites that accept PayPal and get you ready to start profiting from their use.

Let’s kick things off with a breakdown of the advantages of using PayPal for sports betting.

Plus Points Of Using PayPal For Sports Betting

PayPal is such a central part of the internet’s infrastructure at this stage that it’s easy to forget how recent the company’s arrival actually is. Originally set up in 1998, the company assumed its modern form in 2001 when it was officially branded as PayPal and expanded quickly enough to be made public as early as 2002. From there it’s grown to having over 180 million active users and processes billions of payments per year.

As one of the world’s most secure online payments solutions, PayPal is a natural choice for use with sports betting generally. Despite some high-profile critics, the service has more than proven itself over the last decade and has thwarted untold amounts of attempts to breach its security. It’s also made a name for itself due to the speed of transfer that it allows for funds whether you’re sending or receiving them. Put that type of speed and security together and it’s not hard to see why it’s a perfect fit for a sports betting account.

The benefits don’t just stop with speed and security, though. PayPal is also available in a compelling mix of countries and currencies worldwide. The company operates in a staggering 203 markets and enables users to receive, send and hold funds in 26 currencies. Regardless of where you’re based, there’s an excellent chance that PayPal will be available for your use.

PayPal also offers a handy separation of transaction reporting if you’re looking to fund your bets discretely. Though you can link your accounts to your offline bank and transfer money easily back and forth, the details of PayPal transactions themselves will remain private to the platform.

Best sport betting sites that accept PayPal

The final main benefit to consider is simply the general usefulness of PayPal virtually everywhere online. Though your primary use may be based around sports betting, you’ll also be able to carry out transactions across the wider web and send and receive funds to people of your choosing. At the end of the day, it’s an incredibly handy online tool to have access to.

Let’s move on now to consider some factors to bear in mind when you’re looking for a sports betting site which accepts PayPal.

Selecting a Sports Betting Site That Accepts PayPal

The good news is that you’ll find no shortage of betting sites, both large and small, that accept PayPal online where you can bet with real online. With so many options to choose between, it’s important that you’ve got a clear idea of the plus and minus points to consider when weighing up your options.

On the positive side of the equation, you’re looking for an established firm with a strong and obvious track record of delivering value to punters. Many of the largest and most reputable firms you’ll see also have a strong offline presence and a history stretching back decades. Do some quick research online and check the company’s reputation on popular gambling forums to get a feel for how they’re perceived by other gamblers.

In today’s always-on environment, you’ll also want to be certain that they offer a full range of options for use across all mobile devices. Any major sports betting site worth its salt should have modern mobile apps available for use on iOS and Android.

On the negative side of the spectrum, make sure you thoroughly read the relevant terms and conditions posted on the site you’re investigating – particularly in relation to payouts. You want to be sure that the terms governing use of the site are clear, straightforward, and not designed to mislead. You also want to be confident that funds transfer in and out using PayPal will be swift and smooth.

Excellent customer service is a must when it comes to picking a sports betting site that accepts PayPal. Make sure that there is a full range of support channels available including telephone, email and live chat and don’t be afraid to contact them in advance to get a feel for how they perform.

Popular football betting sites which accept PayPal

The final main factor to consider when selecting an account is the range of bonuses and promotions on offer. These shouldn’t necessarily be the main thing that influences your decision, but they’re certainly a nice added extra to have. You should see a range of deposit and no-deposit welcome bonuses clearly listed on most sites. A quick look at their social media pages will generally give you a good idea of what type of ongoing promotions they tend to run as well.

Popular Sports to Bet On Using A PayPal Sports Betting Site

Virtually every sports betting site that accepts PayPal will allow you to bet across a full range of popular sports, so you’re in no way limited by your choice of funding method. Let’s step through some of the more popular options:

  • Football:Football is way out on its own as the most popular type of sports betting worldwide and live football betting is a hit with many. In addition to the range of top-tier leagues across Europe, you can also bet on regular high profile events such as the European Championships, Champions League, World Cup and Copa America.
  • Cricket: Particularly beloved across Asia, cricket betting is also a popular option worldwide. High profile Test series are a big attraction but more modern forms of the game such as Twenty20 are also attracting a new generation of fans and punters.
  • Tennis: The structure of tennis matches lends itself particularly well to in-play betting and there’s no shortage of events throughout the year on the ATP tour to bet on. Throw in regular heavyweight clashes at major events such as Wimbledon and the New York Open and you’ve got a great sport to base your betting around.
  • Horse racing: The sport of kings never really goes out of fashion and modern coverage means you can follow a series of excellent racing meets virtually the whole year around.
  • Golf: As with tennis, gold is a great candidate for in-play betting and popular across the globe. High profile events such as the Ryder Cup and annual majors such as The Masters offer plenty of opportunity to bet on popular players.

Let’s now have a quick look at actually getting set up with PayPal if you don’t currently have an account.

An Overview Of Setting Up Your PayPal Account

Setting up a PayPal account is relatively straightforward. As accounts use email as their primary form of identification, you simply need to confirm an existing email account via the sign-up form to get up and running.

With your account set up, you then need to add a credit card whose details will be stored securely online for future purchases. In many countries, you’ll also be able to connect PayPal directly with your bank account.

Though the vast majority of users will stick to using a personal account, there are also options available for premier and business accounts. If you happen to be interested in selling online or need to accept money directly into a business via PayPal, these may be of interest.

Adding and withdrawing funds to your PayPal account is straightforward and can be done directly from your account interface. Bear in mind that the full range of options available to you here will vary from territory to territory.

Legal Factors To Consider With PayPal And Sports Betting

As a responsible gambler, you’ll naturally need to stay abreast of regulation governing sports betting where you happen to be based. The situation varies considerably from country to country and sometimes even within separate areas of individual territories.

Speaking generally, you’ll find virtually no legal difficulties with sports betting anywhere within the European Union and several of the industry’s biggest players are actually based there. Australia is a friendly betting environment, though you will see specific restrictions in place there. The situation in Asia varies considerably from country to country so be sure to check the local situation carefully before playing if you’re based there.

Alternative payment methods on PayPal betting websites

In the United States, the situation is considerably more fluid, though relevant laws are strictly enforced. Online gambling is banned throughout most of the country, but legal in a select group of states that include New Jersey and Nevada. This is a situation that is under constant review, however, and there are ongoing calls for laws to be loosened so stay tuned.

In its terms and conditions, PayPal officially prohibits its use with gambling services in territories where it is against the law. Recently, however, reports have begun to emerge of an unofficial softening in their position and it has started popping up as a payment option on high-profile U.S. sites. It’s too early to say what this means for future changes in their terms and conditions so American gamblers are urged to proceed with caution in this regard.

PayPal And The Online Sports Betting Industry

As we mentioned above, the situation in America regarding PayPal and sports betting sites is somewhat in flux. It’s worth knowing, however, that PayPal impose strict conditions on its use in countries where it does explicitly allow sports betting. This is good news from a player’s point of view as it means you have the confidence of knowing that providers have to clear a certain bar in order to be able to offer Paypal as a payment method.

PayPal requires that sports betting sites offering it as a payment option are fully licensed in the company in which they operate. This means that the main countries where you can expect to see it in action are Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK – all heavily regulated territories with full sports betting licensing that is accepted by PayPal.

Other Payment Options For Sports Betting

Whether you’re in a territory that supports the combination of PayPal with sports betting or not, it’s always worth having access to more than one way of getting money in and out of your account. The following options are also widely supported:

  • Using wire transfer at PayPal betting sitesWire transfer: The original payment method and, in many circumstances, still the best. You can use wire transfer at the vast majority of online casinos and it can be a handy and secure way of dealing with large transfer if the relevant local fees aren’t too onerous.
  • Mastercard and Visa can also be used at PayPal betting sitesMastercard and Visa: The two major worldwide credit cards of Mastercard and Visa are accepted worldwide and widely used in online sports betting sites. You stand to benefit from a wide range of additional benefits through their use, but should be careful that you don’t overextend yourself.
  • Skrill is an increasingly popular options at PayPal betting sitesSkrill: Skrill has emerged as a popular PayPal alternative over the last number of years, particularly in the European Union. It’s also accepted in an increasingly large number of online casinos and sports betting sites.

We hope our roundup on information relating to sports betting sites that accept PayPal has helped you narrow down your search for the right provider and wish you the best of luck with your betting!

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